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Marvel announces their univese of heroes to enter the Heroic Age in May

Discussion in 'The Entertainment Lounge' started by Bodine, Apr 11, 2010.

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    The Civil War, the Seige, death of Captain America, and even Marvel Zombies...

    It's been a very dark few years for the Marvel universe. For the longest it seemed to only go from bad to worse for the beloved heroes we know and love.

    Marvel has decided to cut their characters a break and give them a new story arc they deserve. Marvel introduced a new Herioc Age to come to the world of superheroes.

    The Heroic Age will be a bright new beggining that will make the Marvel superheroes, well, heroes again instead of, fugitives, zombies, lawless vigilantes, ect. that they've been made out to be the past few years. It brings comicbooks back to their roots, but with the same style of the modern comics of today. Brings the story back to a world with heroes fighting for justice and a better tomorrow and not fighting for revenge or pointless ideals. Basically, heroes can be heroes again, like I said before.

    The point of the Heroic Age is not only to make a more positive world for these heroes, but to give readers a "jumping on" place. During the dark story arcs new readers or readers who have not kept up with the comics couldn't pick up a new comic without feeling like they don't fully understand what's going on due to the long story arcs. They missed a lot of stuff that would help make sense of it all. Well Marvel is starting anew in May and leaves the said fans with a place to start themselves.

    The Heroic Age includes older generation of comicbook formulas like heroic values, strong morals, and concentrating on things like superhero teams. (Example: The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, ect.)

    Not only that, but new teams will be made, like the Secret Avengers, whos team consist of 5 memembers, and only two of which have been announced (War Machine from the Iron Man series and Beast from the X-Men series). Also Marvel has announced that brand new superheroes will be made during this bright new age that will feel more like the classic heroes such as Captain America and Iron Man.

    But not every hero will be participating in this postive age. The Punisher will be going through a new story arc titled FrankenCastle (A mix between the Punishers real name Frank Castle and the name Frankenstein). In FrankenCastle, the Punisher will be out hunting down the people who are responsible for the events that lead to his death, which lead to him being revived as a monstrosity by a mad scientist.

    Be sure to check local comic shops or Books-A-Million type stores in May for the new Heroic Age.

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