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Mega Drive 4? + Guitar????????

Discussion in 'Retro Consoles' started by DBloke, Sep 2, 2009.

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    Ok its not a official Sega console its from TecToy but they are the only company that still has a release schedule for Sega's old consoles.

    Anyway here's there newest thing
    The Mega Drive 4 (Mega Drive 3 info here). Well Mega Drive 4 is its short name to give it its full name its called "Mega Drive 4 Guitar Idol" with is where the "Guitar" part comes in.

    It comes with 87 built in games and two redesigned pads and that guitar.
    Ok you could guess about the extras from the pic but the games?
    Yeah there the same as on the 3rd one but there's one that's not on the list that's the "Guitar Idol" one witch has been co-developed with TecToy and Interama (yeah same here). They had this to say on the game
    “Guitar Idol was entirely developed from scratch, in Portuguese, with 2D visuals and a soundtrack that includes bands like Deep Purple and Mötorhead. The final result is very good, with beautiful graphics, lots of polish and constant frame-rate.”

    At this moment in time I have no idea what the game sounds like (Remember how bad the voices where on games like Street fighter 2).
    But it has some good acts on there. The likes of Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Deep Purple, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Ramones, It has over 50 songs so there's a fare bit to play.
    Well you will need a lot of things to play on there as there's something missing


    Anyway if I get some decent money coming in ill probably get one.
    Unless somebody wants to donate one?

    As written on my none profit just for fun site

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