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mega man 2.5 is being developed not by capcom.

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Gaming' started by castlezelda, May 29, 2009.

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    For those who haven't heard yet, Mega Man 2.5D is a fan-made project created by Swedish animator Peter Sjostrand. "2.5D" simply means that the game is right between 2D and 3D, taking Sjostrand's definition of 2.5D of course. This new vid came out earlier today, and for those who grew up with Mega Man like me, seeing MegaMan and ProtoMan work together is fangasm at its finest.

    The Mega Man 2.5D single player vid came out last March, teasing us a great deal of what the hypothetical game would be like. I say hypothetical, because no playable game has been developed so far.

    Man, that brought back ancient memories! I remember I used to take out the big snake mini-boss with Hard Knuckles too! The co-op would be such a nice addition too.

    Problem is, this project makes use of "Mega Man," which is of course, Capcom's property. This reminds me of Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes, and we all know how that went. It won't be too far-fetched to expect a CnD order from Capcom soon, but let's hope that they leave this fan project alone.

    heres the link http://wii.qj.net/Megaman-2-5D-now-has-a-multiplayer-video-MegaMan-and-ProtoMan/pg/49/aid/131745

    Anyone heard about this, looks amazing mega man remake of mega man 2.

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