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MOHH2 : Gun tips

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Online' started by Barbz911, Jan 23, 2008.

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    Post your gun tips here:

    Shotgun (and some other guns use this method also)~did you notice how if the enemy is on the run and you have your crosshair right on him but you miss....? well lead your shot....i always see people on my team doing ring around the rosey with the enemy and shooting where he was like 1 second ago....i can tell he's not leading his shots. i also see this on youtube videos. if the enemy is running to the right(your right) aim...to the right of him. and vise versa. i know this tip may be obvious but you never know who didnt know this

    and obviously you do lead your shots when they stand still

    I use the Thompson, and I have some pretty common tips.

    1. After emptying a clip into the enemy, if they aren't dead finish em' off with a couple shots. Doing this will prevent them from getting a chance to heal.

    2. Always aim for the head. I've emptied an entire clip into someones chest just for them to shoot me in the head and kill me.

    3. A good way to get kills is headshots. Shoot off the enemy's helmet and shoot at their head with either your Thompson or .46. I find that the .46 is more accurate.

    everyone knows the gewher rifle and the springfield rifle can be deadly up close if accurate,when you are close to them,put the tip of your gun so it is on that persons body,then fire and it will hit,but if they are moving to the left or right aim a little bit to the right or left of them

    There you go
    now post your tips and tricks for being successfull in this game

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