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Movie rentals

Discussion in 'Xbox Consoles' started by james24uk, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. james24uk

    james24uk WiiChat Member

    Nov 13, 2007
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    Just wanted to get some views on this movie rental thing on the xbox 360 from my stand point i find the service limited at best the main issue i have is after you download a movie (takes a good few hours) and u play it for the first time you only have 24 hours to play the movie then you have to pay to download it again.

    I mean come on even at blockbuster u can rent them for at least 2 days for alot less than you are paying to download it on live. for me this service is not going to catch on in a big way untill you can do alot more with the movie or pay alot less for it. Also another problem is the time it takes to download it i have a very fast broadband connection yet it still takes hours yes i understand its a very big file size but lets face it here its alot less fuss to pop to your local video store and rent the movie.

    digital distribution is a very long way off for anything the size of a movie its just cheaper and easyer to buy or rent a film on a dvd. anyway rant over just wanted others views

  2. Sovieto

    Sovieto Banned

    Aug 6, 2006
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    when you rent a movie from blockbuster or wherever you only watch it at most 2 times, pushing 3 if you have a big family that has a demand for it? + you can get it in HD which is a +.
    it costs money to license a movie though and when you rent a movie youre paying for the license of 1 day + microsoft's profit. best bet is to just go to blockbuster if you want to have a non-hd movie for 7 days that requires you to drive there and drive back.
  3. Syntax

    Syntax That Canucks Fan

    Dec 27, 2006
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    Even though it's no longer advertised, there are no late fees on overdue movies at Block Busters I believe. So, when my friends go to Block Buster they go knowing that they can keep a game and or movie rental for as long as they want. Some of my friends will even keep it up to a month or so.

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