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~△~Need help~△~

Discussion in 'The Tech Lounge' started by Orca, May 17, 2009.

  1. Orca

    Orca K-Ninja*

    Feb 9, 2009
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    Hueco Mundo
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    i have a Everex IMPACT GA3400 that wont turn on. Im asuming its the video card(hope not).Hardrive cuts on monitor stays off. can anybody help me here?

    EDIT: More info→

    AMD Mobile Athlon G43400+ L2 cache 1MB.

    *nVIDIA Geforce 6100 GPU
    PCI Express X16 slot avalible.

    *10/100 LAN
    For DSL and cable connectivity.

    *16X DVD-ROM/DVD+/RW
    Optical Drive/ Double Layer support

    *512 MB
    DDR SDRAM PC 3200

    *120 GB
    Hardrive 7200 rpm

    *Digital Media Reader

    *6 USB Port
    4 in Back, 2 in Front

    *PCI 56k Modem
    Itu v.92 Ready fax/modem
    Actual Speeds may vary

    **p.m me for more information.
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