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Online Tourneys

Discussion in 'Smash Brothers' started by postito, Dec 26, 2007.

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    Dec 26, 2007
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    Note: The following information was written by Cammy_D, the founder of Super Smash Circuit. All the credit for this information goes to him (I’m just relaying the message).

    Super Smash Circuit (Beta)

    What is the Super Smash Circuit?

    The SSC is a site dedicated to organized online Super Smash Bros. Brawl competitions. The basis is simple. It was created by me and I am writing this... I think. It is to determine who (after the release) the best Brawlers are.

    Circuit Council

    The council are members of the organization who work to maintain its functionality. These people are the ones who assist myself in organizing the tournaments and help decide who and what should be apart of the circuit. They are chosen by myself and are the most important people in getting it started.


    A Group consists of at least 8 people. If you are apart of a Group than you must have so either in your sig (preferable) or your quote. To form a Group, you must seek either I or one of the circuit councilman. Before you can do this you must have at least 5 members of your group ready and in the Official Circuit Sign Up Topics or the Official Circuit Topics when you propose your group. You then must get the approval of 3 Councilman. Once this is done, your group will be added to the Official Group List. What's the point in a group? Two reasons:

    1. You will get to battle people who you have chosen to battle with. If you like them, you can always go back and battle them. It also allows you to train with people who wish to help you. You'll be able to make a formidable team!

    2. It'll give you the chance to face off against the best of the best of the board. You will be able to enter the Smash Circuit Cup, but that's if you are the best in your Group that is.

    Super Circuit Cup

    The SCC (yes I love abbreviations) is the tournament to stop all tournaments. the best of the best gather to face off for the glory of their Group. If they win, they will have the bragging rights as the best competitor of the month. That's right, SSC will hopefully be held monthly. If you win, you will be able to add a special mark to your sig/quote until the next SCC is held. You will also have special VIP entrance into any of the SSC tournaments held within your time as champion.

    SSC Tournaments

    Not only will the SSC hold a major tournament; it will hold random tournaments, such as Invisible Tournaments, Super Speed Invisible Tournaments and 2 on 2 or 3 on 1 and things of the like; just random ones for people to have fun with. They'll be organized and have a minimum amount (say 8?). Most likely will Maximum at 64. They will be announced before hand of course. Any suggestions on a Tournament idea is welcome. To enter these tournaments you must be part of the SSC, which is simple anyway. After you are off probation, you only have to go to the Official Sing Up Topic for a SSC Tournament and say you wish to be apart of it. A few days, hours prior to the Sign Up Topic there will be other topics saying what the tournament will be consisting of. You CANNOT enter yourself in the topics, only in the Sign Up Topics, so don't ask. The first people to sing up are accepted, depending on the amount of spots available.. If you fail to post when your match is called, you will be disqualified.

    Next tournament to be held: Unknown

    Special Thanks
    Number090684 - for a brilliant tournament idea!
    Sugar_Jay - for teaching me the art of typing.....
    Falcen7 - for added interest and support. A great addition
    NickNac72 - for being a great supporter of the SSC. His enthusiasm has helped greatly.

    Ending Notes:
    Well, this is my idea. It most likely has flaws and I know people reckon it's early but I want this to work! I thought that if I begin now it'll be just right by the time it actually can be held.

    Any questions can be directed to me via email: cuz660@hotmail.com

    Copyright, Cameron.

    Super Smash Circuit can be found at the link below:

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