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Ps3 having problems with backwards compatability

Discussion in 'Playstation Consoles' started by Kamikaze, Nov 17, 2006.

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    Nov 15, 2006
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    Pretty much to sum the article up, Ps3 is having problems with backwards compatability, such as adding fighting games (i.e. Tekken 5), and the music is totally screwed and chopped as well as Final Fantasy XI being unplayable due to the hard drive itself. There's also a link, but it's only useful if you do speak and read Japanese. Here's the link: PlayStation.com(Japan)bPLAYSTATION®3 ‚É‚¨‚¯‚éPS‚¨‚æ‚ÑPS2ƒ\ƒtƒgƒEƒFƒA“®ìƒXƒe[ƒ^ƒXŒŸõ

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