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Questions Of Zelda

Discussion in 'Legend of Zelda' started by Vinod, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. Vinod

    Vinod WiiChat Member

    Dec 25, 2006
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    Hey i have orders my zelda game but i have a few questions

    1)Is This game good?

    2)Can you really fish

    3)Do you see the name of the fish?

    4)Is it born to be on wii?
  2. vi3tmix

    vi3tmix WiiChat Member

    Dec 30, 2006
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    Houston, Tx
    1) It's good. I've seen several people on these forums refer to it as the best Zelda ever, but I wouldn't go nearly as far. The game is just "good."

    2) Yeah, but it seems to be too simple. I spent a lot more time fishing in OoT, I'll tell you that much. That's not to say fishing in zelda is a lame addition of the game: not at all. Some people could end up doing it for like a couple hours (think my friend said he did), but I didn't get too caught up in it beyond the required catches. I let my mom fish for like 15 minutes, once, though :)

    3) What do you mean? The fish species? If so, then yes. When you catch a fish you see the species and length.

    4) It's a GC game and a Wii port, but the controls are integrated quite smoothly for the Wiimote + Nunchuck. It feels comfortable and intuitive. My only gripe is with the shield bash...but it seems to be more related to me not using it right in battle (I can do it fine against things like target dummies but can't get a working bash off of those Darknuts).

    I got the wii FOR zelda, and although I still hold OoT in a much higher light than TP, I still do not at all regret buying the console for this game. It was still an enjoyable experience. Finished like 99% of the game at 62 hours (took my time, had nothing left to do but to finish off like 4 poe souls), now I'm considering doing the whole thing again on a 3-heart run. Some of the bosses, though quite easy, do have some replay value simply because they at least looked that cool.
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