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Review of Trine 2: Directors cut.

Discussion in 'Wii U Games' started by castlezelda, Nov 20, 2012.

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    My review for Trine 2: Director Cut.

    I turned on my TV to see if I could see the game both on TV and via gamepad and I can, So...I fired up the start of this adventure that awaits me, first it had glorious graphics, and a storybook type of game, we got 3 types of people, the 1st is "Amadeus" He is a wizard, 2nd we got "Pontius" this fellow is a knight, and last we got Zoya, she's a thief. First I play as the wizard, ZR is the control where to cast magic, and ZL is to jump, or to move around. the "A button" is also for jumping, with the flick of the finger you can lift objects. Now its the knights turn to go on this adventure, ZR is use to sword the sword, also you may swing the sword with the flick of the finger, ZL is to jump. The "Y button" is to use your hammer or mallet. you control the weapons either the sword or the hammer w/you finger. Now I control Zoya the thief.

    she has a bow n arrow for her weapon, with that said, the R analog stick is to control the bow n arrow, and with the movement of the finger also. If the press ZR is acts like a grappling hook, this game reminds me of Gantlet but with a 3D modern point of view to it, the game si very well done by the developers need I say so myself.

    I give this game a 10/10, Its $19 eshop points plus tax (tax is depending on the state you live in) for me it was $21 eshop points.

    hoped you liked my mini review on this wonderfully done game. Hope I review more.

    Now onto my quest, the game reminds me of Zelda too in a way. I also rented ZombiU, so if you want me to review that, write "zombiu" in the comments pls. I also rented "Assassins Creed 3" I rent games through Gamefly, if ne of you want a review on a game, just PM me.

    I might DL "little inferno" but looks stupid to me.
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