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This Week’s Notable Release – Contra: Rebirth

Discussion in 'Nintendo News & Rumors' started by ssbb_lover, Sep 8, 2009.

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    Nostalgia hits Contra like no other. Going through the two-player campaign with a friend or family member was always a blast. Trying to make it past the first few levels was always a huge challenge.

    Contra 4 was released on the Nintendo DS and was heralded for its original side-scrolling gameplay and difficulty that was ever-present in the first. Konami is back once again with Contra: Rebirth.

    Contra: Rebirth, like many of the previous versions, is hard. Unlike most games of this generation, don't expect to blow right through it with ease. It holds true to the features and gameplay, bringing the action and old-school aspects which made the first so popular and fun. The sound effects, power-ups, and art designs are all there which were present in the previous games (including the original 16-bit graphics). This game will also feature two player co-op.

    Once again, it's time for some ALIEN BUSTING!

    Price: 1000 Points
    Developer: M2
    Publisher: Konami


    Reported by: RivalDestiny

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