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Video Game Top Trumps Card Game

Discussion in 'Board Games' started by sorabrawl, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. sorabrawl

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    Nov 8, 2007
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    I have created a video game character cards set for a game called Top Trumps. I do not know where to put this because it is not work of graphics.

    The rules of the game are simple. Collect all the cards.

    1) Shuffle deck and deal out cards between each other.
    2) Flip a coin for person who goes first
    3) Choose the category you want. For example, "courage 188"
    4) The person who has the highest number wins. "Jim: Courage 188, Harry: Courage 190". Harry wins both cards and puts cards at the bottom of the deck. He also gets the next turn.
    5) Keep playing until a player has all the cards.

    Extra rules:

    If you have the same number, you will both put the cards you have in your hands on the table. Whoever wins the next round wins the cards from the first round and the current round.

    Links and Requests

    Links to the sets. Please tell me how I can improve these cards or you can make requests, if you like.


    I will make more
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