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Water Sports for Wii

Discussion in 'Nintendo News & Rumors' started by Wii News, Oct 16, 2009.

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    Oct 10, 2009
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    Grab your Wii Balance Board and head for the open water with a new Water Sports for Wii. Game Mill Entertainment has announced that Water Sports will be released sometime this month! Forget other fitness titles. Water Sports will recreate the feeling of Wakeboarding, Wind Surfing, and Kite Boarding. Keep the summer fun at the lake going all year round in the comfort of your living room.


    Choose from locations around the globe filled with jumps and rails. Pull of some sick tricks while in Hawaii, or race your friends in Australia. In Wakeboarding the player will have the option for a co-operative mode where one player will drive the boat while the other player is on the Wakeboard!
    Water Sports will prove to be one of the easiest games to play with the Balance Board, making it fun for all ages.”Stand on the Balance Board and ride the waves across the globe! With simple controls, players will find high speeds in Watercraft racing, big jumps in Kite Boarding, and long rails in Wind Surfing.” said Gary Miller, GameMill Entertainment. “Water Sports will provide hours of family enjoyment”

    For more information visit http://www.game-mill.com

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