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Wii Pipe Project

Discussion in 'Wii HomeBrew' started by Landon43, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. Landon43

    Landon43 WiiChat Member

    Feb 27, 2014
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    We're happy to be working with the remnants of the fabled Warp Pipe community to work on salvaging online play on the Wii now that Nintendo has moved to pull the plug on WFC for DS and Wii across the board.

    The online process may or may not be the same in your favorite games if you use this program. But that's all preliminary in these early hours of the announcement that took the entire Nintendo Community by storm in the early hours of this morning. We hope to have this service fully established by May 20, 2014. We will gladly take on as many teammates as we can to maximize research and production.

    Quick Q&A:

    Who's Currently Behind this Project?
    Some Homebrew Programmers at the Devsbrew Community in partnership with Gamecube Warp Pipe Community, and various friends. We always have an open door policy, so we allow anyone with insight to join our ranks in working as a team to maximize production and expand our shared knowledge base. So if you're interested in helping us, look me up on skype [​IMG]

    When Will This Launch?
    We hope to have this Wii patch implemented by May 20, 2014.

    Who's Funding The Server?
    Should we need a server, the server will be funded privately until the interest in Wii online makes the costs of maintaining a server too great.

    Isn't This Illegal?
    There's no law saying you can't use your system's provided Wireless Capability to Connect to the internet. It falls under Fair Use Policy.

    Will This Be Free?
    I never charge a fee for my brews [​IMG]

    Do I have to Hack My Wii?
    Probably. It's Officially Legacy Status Now, Anyway.

    I Don't Wanna Hack My Wii...
    Then play Mario Kart 8 or wait on Nintendo to open up their WFC servers again...
  2. DBloke

    DBloke RIP and tea you say?
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    May 30, 2006
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    Usually id one touch ban people that promote things

    But ill let this pass as its not spam and its as I said in a thread a while ago, "theres always fan servers" thats if the game (or in this case console) has interest

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