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Wii Remote Replacement???

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Hardware' started by mariokart, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. mariokart

    mariokart WiiChat Member

    Dec 12, 2007
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    Is there such a product that Replaces the Wii remote, with a controller type, like Gamecubes?

    Cause I really hate the Wii remote, and I only bought a Wii to play the newer nintedo games, so i'm stuck with this Wii remote. I've been waiting ages for a controller replacement, is there one yet...?

    I've been thinking, and the idea is pretty simple, IGN made a mock up render during the starting launch

    I'll show you how this would work, just bare with my crappy drawing;


    Basically I would take a GameCube Wireless Controller, degut the thing, then cram all the Wii Remote parts into it! thus having a WiiWave or WiiBird

    there are enough buttons, or holes on the GameCube Wave Bird, to accommodate the WiiRemotes parts, except for that of the plus or minus buttons, which could easily be added onto the wave bird.

    the tricky part would be the wave birds wireless omitter, needs to be used with the WiiRemote hardware. the idea is to replace the motion sensing all together! and replace it with the C stick from the wavebird. this means the Wavebird reciever must be modifed to plug into the back of the Wii Console and replace the sensing bar. then foul the console by changing the normal XY single coming from the C stick to the bar singles. which from my understanding the motion bar sends quite a few singles, like XYZ on movement side to side down and up, then front to back, plus rotational and speed signals O_O the wavebird receiver is going to have to null or dummy alot of these values in order for to use the C stick. meaning that rotation will always be at 0 degrees, speed will be constant, and front to forward will have to be 0 or a certain set value. this just leaves us with the ability to move the cursor around on the screen.

    but this is exactly all we would really need! I don't need anything more for most games. some games like Wii Boxing that take usage of the full motion sensing will be incompatible, but i'm talking about games like mario galaxy or zelda. these games were meant for a controller! not a remote <_<

    anyway thats my idea, but as far as the reprogramming of the receiver, thats much past me. So if their isn't such a product yet, how would it be possible for me to get one made. I tried contacting madcatz, but got no reply.
    :cornut: any helpful ideas would help
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