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wiimote reconnect

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Hardware' started by smaddy, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. smaddy

    smaddy WiiChat Member

    Aug 1, 2007
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    its not about how to reconnect the wiimote btw..

    but anyway i have a problem to address. whenever i reconnect the wiimote this purplish blur appears on the tv screen. to be exact it usually appears where the wiimote image is displayed on the screen. it doesnt look like pixel problems to me. its more of a blur or blemish on the television screen. im using a regular old tube television. im wondering if its the tv since i havent tried it on another. im also wondering if its the cables or EVEN the wii itself which i hope isnt. and this only happens when i reconnect the remote. at times there were even more blur spots around the television. but they do go away after some time. if anyone has a clue of what im saying or can at least help, thanks.

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