18 New Elebits Images

Wishale said:
Another Game i don't quite understand.. Worth a rental i guess :\

I don't understand the whole story.. i think there should be more to it

Did you play it already?
Over the years for video games I've learned to become a type of person that doesn't judge on screenshots and trailers alone. I feel the old adage "Don't judge a book by its cover" applies here as well. I tend to look at reviews, but I rarely even take their word for it too, except for a few reviewers I know that have the same taste as me.

Anyways, I try to rent any type of game. Looks like its a bit good, but I rather have them Japanese girls like in that one video on the net playing with me. ;)
i am definately buying this game...it looks perfect for the wiimote
It looks cool. I might just have to pick it up. Anyone know an official release date for the US?