3 animal crossing questions


yay is me is it?
May 23, 2006
up your candy a5S!
1.how do i record k.k sliders songs, do i use a timer?:confused:

2.what are pitfall seeds and how do you use them.:confused:

3.what is the paasword for crazy redds shop i REALLY NEED TO KNOW.:confused:

now that thats outta the way PLE
ASE PLEASE PLEASE answer my questions.:(
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its ok i know how to record songs now you just gotta leave a space in you invetory thats all :D

A pitfall seed is a thing that you bury underground, and when somebody walks on top of it, they'll fall in the ground for a few seconds! It's really funny to watch!:lol:
ac answers

1: u store them in ur muzik playa.
2: u bury them and when u or som1 else steps on em...PLOP!
3: ask an animal and he/she will tell u.

How do we play online with ds wifi?

I am trying to get my son hooked up with a friend to play animal crossing with online. We have the wifi but do not know how to get an online fr
My password to redds store was redd is 35 i dunno about the caps though.