Animal Crossing CD Album Coming Soon


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Feb 7, 2007
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Available via the European Stars Catalogue in the autumn

Nintendo are releasing a special Animal Crossing CD for the European Stars Catalogue in the Autumn which will feature 39 tracks. As of June fans have been voting for their favorite songs in the series.

As a result 23 tracks have been selected by the fans for the CD. All these tracks feature K.K Slider, the guitar-playing dog in the series. Listed below are the 23 songs chosen by the fans for the fans.

* K.K. March
* K.K. Waltz
* K.K. Jazz
* K.K. Fusion
* K.K. Samba
* K.K. Bossa
* K.K. Calypso
* Lucky K.K.
* K.K. Condor
* K.K. Rock
* Rockin' K.K.
* K.K. Love Song
* K.K. Technopop
* DJ K.K.
* Only Me
* Surfin' K.K.
* Go K.K. Rider!
* K.K. Western
* K.K. Rockabilly
* Agent K.K.
* K.K. Metal
* K.K. House
* K.K. Sonata

So how do you like the track line up?

heres the link

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