7 minute zelda trailer


That Was So Awesome... But That Was On The GC Most Of The Time...

And If The Graphics Look Like That ON The GC...Then What Will The Wii Graphics Look LIke In TP?
Amazing trailer with stunning music. What more can I say? Twilight Princess just might be the best game. EVER.
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Unfortunately, most of it was sort of in movie form; showing made up or in-game movies. There wasn't that many views from a players view i don't think. Still very good though. Interstingly, i didnt see link use and weapon/ move into anything before mysteriously changing into a wolf. Though the area in front of his was pretty dark and there was a sort of wind around him i think...
I didn't actually like that much and so far any video I have seen of TP i've liked. It was just a whole bunch of clips from all the trailers and gameplay vidoes thrown together and music added. The music was the only good thing about it
any spoilers in it? i hate watching trailers that spoil the game because i cant stand playing a game when i know exactly what is gonna happen (although i play through LOZ OoT at least once a year)
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Not too much. You see link turn into a wolf, see a couple of bosses, but most of it is basic stuff; horseback riding, walking around, and a junble of other trailers put together...
That game could well be the greatest game ever, I think back to Links Awakening on the original game boy and how amazing that. When I think about how many amazing ideas have been improved on this and the graphics. ROLL ON NOVEMBER!!