A Canadian Tournament

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PrinceLink said:
Well I've played with plenty of canadian wiichat members and 1 vs 1 i have no lagg Actaully i only suffer lag with 4 people, I realy dont understand the big deal with is with people and lag i think its just there internet connection becuase i get no more lag now

O well i guess I will wait for a Cross Continent Wiichat tourney to show my skills!
Which Canadians have you fought with from wiichat?
I'd add you in a second. It's not just about internet connection. The fact that you are going to be thousands of miles away from people will make a difference.
He played me and Lugia (don't know if he is Canadian or not).
Ya well i played Subarnu and i dont lag at all in fact i havent suffereed any button lag in 1 vs 1 combat at all for a while.

Anyways since your saying I'm way to far here is some facts

Colorado Springs to Toronto= 1578.02 miles

Vancouver to Toronto= 2719.53 miles

Colorado Springs to Vancouver= 1535.51 miles

So With your logic of me being to far away kinda hurts you too because well Syntax lives in Vancouver and he's WAY father away from toronto than colorado so bite that (JK This was not made to hurt anyone in anyway!)
(ZOMG i just talked bad to 2 mods goodbye wiichat thal shall be missed)

Anyways i dont care if Im not in this tourney i guess i was just bored lol but ya i proved my point BAM


Colorado Springs to Toronto: 1578.02 miles

Toronto to Baniff: 2193.01 miles

Colorado Spring to Baniff: 1242.25 miles

AndyBacon lives in Baniff, AB so BAM there too

And here another lol

Colorado Springs to Toronto: 1578.02 miles

Toronto to Saskatchewan: 1527.03 miles

Colorado Springs to Saskatchewan: 1091.66 miles

Largedarry lives in Saskatchewan

I used mapquest so there not straight lines so this might be very right or very wrong lol
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I just read that you are PMing people about their provinces... I live in Alberta....
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Yes I am aware of the far distance between even Canadian players. I'm hoping that I can organize the first round so everyone is playing someone close to them.
Anyways, you win for now. I'm going to add you to the backup list. Assuming someone does not show up for their match, or is too laggy, or is disqualified for some reason, you can play.

Thanks Prez that was fun and time consuming :lol:
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Alright so due to some complications, we are back down to 31 participants.
We were not going to start for another week or so anyways, so I guess we'll just wait it out.
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It's not really crucial that we don't have 32 people. Really we can start with 31 and someone lucky will get a bye to the next round.
The main reason we are not starting now is that I'm too busy. I think nearing the end of this coming week my workload will decrease.
Also, I'm not yet sure if I'm going to completely randomize it, or let people play people closer to them. Obviously, B.C vs Toronto might have some lag.
Only problem with closer matches is that eventually someone in Toronto is going to have to face someone from B.c when there are no people left. So I might just randomize it and tell people to play through the lag. We shall see.
Or have the first few matches beween toronto and vancouver so that the first few matches might get lag. Then when the qualifying matches come around we wont have as bad as lagg. (Only problem with that is what if an Albertan [i.e. me] and a Torontonian make it to the final 2, they would get lagg)
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We're all starting to do exactly what I didn't want. Making a big deal out of this.
This is not any sort of official tournament. We will play it as normal. Matches will be randomly decided. If you get lag then you can either finish the game with lag or decide something with your opponent. This isn't supposed to be a big deal.
If anyone wants to get some pre-tourny brawls in feel free to message me up. I'm always looking for some fun.
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