A fun Forum game!


Jun 30, 2006
in some place i do not know of
Ok this is how it works...
someone writes what they wish for, then someone else replies, tells them how their wish goes wrong, and writes what they wish for etc etc.
For example:
I wish for a bowl of wasabi.
It explodes.
I wish for........
dadadada (end of example)
so I'll start it off.
I wish for a Wii.
No its not like that you have to say something bad :p

You get them but then a dog comes and steals it.

I wish I had a fish.
Bender comes to your door and tells you to bite his shiny, metal butt! xD

I wish turtles could tapdance.
I wish to have SSBB, twilight princess, corruption and animal crossing sequel awa the wii, and why not throw in a couple million dollars.:)