A new Action Title is coming to the Wii from Sensory Sweep:


Yay I'm dead!
Jul 21, 2006
Over the Stars
[Sensory Sweep Studios is looking for qualified Junior and Senior game designers to assist in the areas of level and character design for a hot new Nintendo Wii action title.
- Applicant must possess demonstrable writing skills, both technical and creative
- Exceptional verbal skills (both comprehension and presentation)
- A solid grasp of Microsoft office
- Highly creative
- Basic drawing or visual communication skills
- Must be able to work within tight schedules in order to meet deadlines
- Applicant must have a deep knowledge and love of video games
Additional Skills
Extra consideration will be given to those with the following additional skills or qualifications:
- Bachelor’s Degree in English/Creative Writing, Art, or Multimedia Production
- Programming and/or scripting skills
- Knowledge of art applications including, Adobe Photoshop, Pro Motion, Corel Painter, Maya, and Macromedia Flash
- Knowledge of major 3D art packages
- Storyboard skills
- Prior shipped Next-Gen game titles]


The Wii is once again gaining some new developers! Lets hope these guys can pull off a good title, it may be the next great action title! Well thats all I gotta say, bringing you all the Wii news ASAP:

I wish I could go for a job like that, but I'm still in school. My strengths would be creative writing, experience with Photoshop, experience with Microsoft Office, creative thinking, and hopefully 3-D development. I'm just getting into that. And of course I have a deep knowledge and love for video games. But alas, I would have to skip out on this job.