5 New Wii titles to be shown at Leipzig:

Spidey2 was pretty awsome, you beat the tar out of criminals, chase cars down...then beat up criminals, oh and who could forget rescuing that flower shop & disco place & video game store...from beating the crap out of criminals. That being said it got kind of boring after a while, it didn't take that much smarts to beat the game. Just something to play after getting really frustrated:D

A new spidey title would be cool, not as popular as the others, but as long as it was along the lines of spiderman for the N64. Now that was a good spiderman.

Is there any news on when they'll be releasing more info on what these mysterious titles will be?
I know, I haven't beat the game in a long time, I just find a gang of ppl and kick their asses:D
Ya, always fun to jump on em' when they aren't expecting it. To bad u don't have a dagger or something, u could sneak att. them from an alley and slit their throat. Haha.
LOL!! It would be awesome to wrap them up then drag them into the allley ur hiding in, just imagive seeing taht, u would just see the web tho
mikybee93 said:
I wonder wat it would be about? Maybey its that stupid game Elebits or sumthin like that??
Elebits isn't been made by Nintendo. And also the game hasn't been shown yet.
WiiGamer24 said:
Basically it will be a competly new game created by Miyamoto, like Pikimin was for the GC.
No, No. I understand there will be a totally new project from nintendo, I just thought that u had a clue to wut it was. NVM.
I nvr said spidy2 was coming out on the wii. And being venom in a game w/ great graphics would be sweet....very very sweet. But u know another reason y spidey3's gonna be awsome as heck? Becuz the 3rd movie's about spidey turning into symbiote spiderman, we get to play as black spiderman! He's super strong, super super...and super cool.