2006-07 Software announcements


Apr 30, 2006
In a conference held by Nintendo of Japan, game designer Shigeru Miyamoto revealed some new information regarding upcoming software for the Wii and DS.

Japan will see 18 Wii games released by the end of 2006, along with 60 total Virtual Console titles. Beginning in Spring 2007, Nintendo will apparently begin the "Wii Compact Software" line of games which will allow players to download certain Wii titles to their console rather than purchasing a disc. Pricing and storage details, as well as what software will be made available, were not provided.

Source: http://www.thewiire.com/news/516/1/Nintendo_Reveals_0607_Software_Details
Nice info.

The downloadable games will probably more titles along the lines of Wii Sports and Wii Play. But awesome none-the-less. Looking forward to the VC games, and 60 by the end of the year is a great feat.

Thanks i0n.
Nice bit of info there, though all this news gets quite aggrevating, as it just makes you more excited about the Wii, but makes you realise you have to just keep waiting and waiting.. props i0n buddy
i'll buy discs too, i would imagine the downloaded version would be locked to the console (even if store on external media)

mhmm... i would prefer 60 wii games and 18 VC games
wait, does that mean instead of buying red steel for ex. you can just buy it over the service thing?
That is not confirmed yet. Like I said in my post, the games will most likely be similar to Wii Sports and Wii Play. They won't be anything major, because the Wii only has 512 MB of storage, and even and SD card only has a few gig. Maybe if the majority of people have 10 gig SD cards ( exist ? ), then this might be the case. But since the games will be quite big ( 9 gig on dual layer ? ), it would not seem very likely that we will see full games.

Think of it more like Xbox Live Arcade, I would guess.