Opera reveal Wii browser details

nojoegohome said:
:) so basicaly if i preorder the console and download it then i wont have to pay.
Yep, just make sure to download it before July 2007 and you'll be fine.

As soon as I get mine home, I'm gonna try and download it because the later in the day I try, the more people there will be trying to download it, which will make it take longer.
nintendowiigaming.piczo said:
umm... KK slider is kindah right.. here's the case..

all the wii's that's being packaged before june 2007 will be finished dowmloaded with operah. it won't cost anything in the month exept for what u pay for ur breedband. and after june 2007 u have to go to the shop buy som wii points and download opera. i have pre-ordered so i'm gonna get opera free.. no probb's:wink:
exactly right, and whats good is i have wireless internet and im probably getting it launch day(or soon after)