Opera reveal Wii browser details

m7ticalm said:
WAT THE HECK! Dont u understand? You have to pay for the browser! ITS CALLED OPERA IF U DIDNT REALISE! You cant go surf on the internet if u have a connection and no browser! Wat have u been smoking, wateva it is i want 5 mg cause it must be strong.

umm... KK slider is kindah right.. here's the case..

all the wii's that's being packaged before june 2007 will be finished dowmloaded with operah. it won't cost anything in the month exept for what u pay for ur breedband. and after june 2007 u have to go to the shop buy som wii points and download opera. i have pre-ordered so i'm gonna get opera free.. no probb's:wink:
*Chris* said:
Definately looks real.

Why else would Nintendo put it on the official website?

And it doesn't look that clunky...well, maybe a little, but that it probably because Wii is not a proper computer.

I suppose we cant really expect it to be as easy to use as what we are doing now. (Imagine text entry for example...there will probably be an on screen keyboard where you have to hover the cursor over each letter...imagine how hard that will be with the Wiimote) :S

Well yeah, in an ideal world we could draw the shape of the letters in the air with the wiimote lol, + I only really called it clunky because of those giant buttons on the bottom, IMO way too much screen space taken up there, on the other hand the zoom thing on the wii photo manager (where the photos arrange themselves in a fluid, waterfall kinda way) is the most unclunky thing I've ever seen!
I'm a bit confused:

I understand that Opera will be free until June 2007. So this means that from nov 19 until june 2007, you will have the Opera Browser for free.

But i am confused after that: from the posts above it seems that you will have to pay a one time fee to get Opera. I was thinking what they meant that if you bought the Wii before that time and downloaded Opera, you didn't have to pay for it again.

Opera’s full Web browser is available for download from the "Wii Shop Channel". Nintendo has stated that they will offer Opera free of charge as a temporary promotion for all Wii users until June 2007.

In this quote, I thought that it was a one time download and you can keep it forever (like downloading a program online, it gets deleted when you want to delete it). So if i am wrong, does this mean that Nintendo is going to delete Opera from my Wii in June 2007? Please clarify
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they are saying u can download the software free until june 2007 if u have the wii and if you by it after june 2007 then to get opera u will have to pay a small price then not pay after that. its just a bonus for people who buy the wii before june 2007
oh! ok, thank you.

So if i get my Wii on release date, i don't have to pay for Opera. Sweet
Yeah, i've heard good things about it. I currently use Firefox and have heard Firefox and Opera used together (good sign) in forums and such. ;)
Wow.. Everyone needs to calm down!

And great find i0n.. You have given me no more worries.. this is definatly on my list for the wii if i still get one... My parents are narking on me (nagging, bugging, for those of you who don't know the expression) to go get a new snowboard or something.. But my board is fine.. So i want the wii... Oh well... I'm trying my hardest! :)
OK, so about the free thing... Does it mean that you can use it free until June 2007, then you have to pay for it or does it mean that if you own a Wii and download it before June 2007 then it's yours?
Jshaw is right....

No, Nintendo will not delete it from your Wii after June '07. They are offering the browser as a free download until June. If you buy a Wii system after June '07 and want Opera, then you will have to use Wii Points to purchase it. Basically, buy the Wii and get online to download the browser before next June and you get it (to keep) for free. It's a reward for 'early-adopters' of the system. Those who chose to wait and see if the Wii is successful (which it will be, of course) before buying, will have to pay for Opera if they wait until after June of next year. Hope this helps.
uhhhh, how do you type in letters? No one has answered exactly how that will be done. Does anyone know? :scared:
I might get it, only have dial-up right now though, dsl/cable not available here, I am using opera right now, its a great browser and is free for the desktop, if you don't have it, definitely try it out, goto opera.com and download the international one, for some reason the domestic one doesn't have as much support it seems, I downloaded both and tried, but it has great features, much better then IE or firefox.