New Details Revealed for Wii U's Game & Wario


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Aug 18, 2009

In this morning's Nintendo Direct video straight from Japan, company president Satoru Iwata sped through a huge list of Wii U titles, listing off names, prices and release dates in rapid succession. It was all so he could spend a more significant amount of time showcasing at least one specific title, though – Wii U's upcoming "Game & Wario."

The title, which is a spin-off of the popular WarioWare series, was revealed to include 16 total mini-games. All of them will be playable by up to five players simultaneously, and all will involve the GamePad in a signficant way. President Iwata showcased "Fruit" more than any other game – a design we've previously named as a hidden gem. So it's good to see Mr. Iwata thinks the same.

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