A New Beginning For Wii (Game)


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Dec 22, 2006
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Publisher Daedalic Entertainment announced the development of an adventure game for Nintendo DS and Wii called A New Beginning.

Players will control two protagonists - the scientist Bent Svensson and a mysterious young woman from the future named Fay. The pair will explore and solve puzzles as they try to prevent Bent's ecology research from falling into the wrong hands and starting a worldwide catastrophe.

The game will feature over 30 characters who players will interact with. According to Daedalic Entertainment, all characters will be "rendered in a realistic 2D style and... painstakingly animated by hand in feature film quality."

A New Beginning is scheduled for a Q4 2008 release in Europe. Whether or not Daedalic Entertainment will bring A New Beginning to other territories has yet to be determined. It is unknown how the Wii version will utilize the console's functionality or if it will connect to the DS for extra gameplay.

The publisher intends to present the title in some form at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany. The event runs from August 22-25.
Think I'll need screenshots before making my mind up on this!
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Looks like a little anime show or something :lol:
Thanks for the screens, not what I was expecting really, but still alright.
wow the screen shots looks really neat

with the 2d/3d look

id like to see how this game works out

especially cause not alot of new games have wii and ds
Well, it's what I was expecting, it looks just like that guy's description imo. Looks awesome.
It's the same kind of graphics that appeared on such titles as Sam & Max, Full throttle.. (Which was an awesome game, voiced over by Mark Luke Skywalker Hamil) and Beneath a Steel Sky another ace game, if it's as good as these golden oldies where in line for some quality gaming! :)
My honest opinion... I didn't spend as much on the Wii to play a game with graphics like that. And because of the degraded graphics on the Wii there's honestly no where to go but up.