American Mcgee praises the Wii!


Yay I'm dead!
Jul 21, 2006
Over the Stars

“The only truly next-gen console out there is the Wii. Everything else is just a video card and processor upgrade. (Nintendo will) capture the hearts (of gamers while) Microsoft and Sony stab each other in the neck.” American McGee


Anyone know who American Mcgee is?! I've never heard of he some kind of mythical prophet or something? Well I just found out! Turns out he's a game designer/developer.

Well amen to him, he's got the right idea...who does he make games for? If he makes games for Nintendo then that's probably y he's putting in the good word for them.

:lol:Nice name for the thread btw:lol:
At first I thought he was a soccer The wii is making everyone a believer!!!!ughh... Did I just say that? O well.
P.S. Wow this site gets better and better. I've been gone for a really long time and they changed alot of stuff!(in a good way) And I also have to give HG his props. You have done your job very well. Cya all l8ter
I can't believe no one knows who he is (except a few of you :p )!
This dude's done some awesome games, he worked on the original DOOM games (whether he worked on the first or just the sequels I am not sure of but his name was there in Ultimate DOOM, TNT and Plutonia I am pretty sure), not to mention American McGee's Alice (which was damn cool) duh! I love this guy!
I know really! American Mcgee's Alice! I cant beleive a lot of you never heard of that game. One of the coolest games ever!
never heard of him but he knows what his talking about while I like my 360 if I have to sell it to buy a wii I'd be down the shops selling it now which I don't have to so yay for me
Yeah, I remember hearing about American McGee's Alice on G4 (the original G4, not what it is now) and I've wanted to play it ever since! I bet they have a copy of it at Slackers, so I should really pick it up before all the copies are gone and are then sold on ebay for tons!