Animal Crossing Disconnects?!?!?


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Mar 24, 2007
Ok, it is awfully late for me to JUST start getting into Animal Crossing: City Folk, but in any case...

My game disconnects whenever someone comes to my town. I can go to other towns, no problem. And a few days ago, people were coming to my town. However, all of a sudden folks are unable to come to my town. It shows my friend arriving, but when it saves, it disconnects :(

Any ideas? Thanks!
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PS: I have already changed my router channel. It's on 11 now.
i have had the same exact problem, what i have recently thought and found out that accf disconnects sometimes by the router. yes the router actually disconected it from the wii for a couple seconds. i had a belkin g and it would disconnect itself after 20 mins. that sucks soo much