animal crossing FC frenzy : off topic : continued

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Apr 6, 2009
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I understand i may appear argumentative like Bayne seems to think, however i am just stating my oppion and didnt mean to flare up such an unnessary and off topic argument. i do agree that we should keep on topic yet it has been quite entertaining been off topic.

I remember someone complaining about a lost password before... It's sort of sad that you're an old member of the community, yet you'll willingly break the rules... Oh well, it's clear I can't change that.

Im sure alot of people have complained about lost passwords, and as intresting as that is, your other words which went somewhere along the lines of ''old member still willing to break the rules i cant change that'' are not 100% accurate.
I may have slightly bent the rules but in my defnse it was an unharmful and inncoent break of rules, and was causing nobody upsetment. except you obv. and i must say that i am not what you seem to see me as an unbreakable horse, but there is, like you had said previously, two sides to everyone.
Of which i understood of you, and you seem not to understand your own words.

A final however, yes it isnt up to me how you choose to live your life, and i wish you all the best in guiding fellow users.
But please just remember how you phraise your words as they do appear slightly argumentative, which im sure mine might do on occasions, and i just hope that others will not see such an irrating (yes its my word again) side of you to what i have seen...

ps well done for closing the thread with an unnessary title, im sure this one is much more suiting...
In before thread lockage

Its best not to start a flame war with anybody

Its clear and simple

FOLLOW THE SMEGING RULES and post things in the right sections
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