Any Game Collectors?


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Jun 15, 2006
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Hey guys, so do any of you "collect" video games or video game related items (ie apparel and action figures)?

Im thinking about launching a site to create a community of video game collectors and offering them a place of discussion and selling/trading their video games (old and new).

Would anyone be interested in it?
I definatley tried to collect the pokemon games, but i stopped when they started to get stupid. It would be a cool idea though for a site.
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Yeah Pokemon Crystal is when I gave up on pokemon games. Its like they tried put all their effort into trying to make the smallest changes to the games to where they could call it a "new" pokemon game. (example pokemon crystal ;))
my collection is very big
panzer dragoon saga ftw
I have a fairly big collection for several consoles (and PC). In particular, I'm a fan of RPGs.

Darkprinny said:
my collection is very big
panzer dragoon saga ftw

You have Panzer Dragoon Saga? I wish I could get it. :(
sell it to ya for £150 lol
and dragon froce, gardain heros parodus (all saturn im mostly a sega collector) i even got the aveator (the floor pad thing) its rubbish
i would be interested as im starting up my collection
i just got a sega genesis and sega cd a month or two ago now im looking for a snes and master system after those and the wii i might pick up a ps2 or ps3 for ps1,ps2 games then probably saturn and dreamcast :)
i have about 20 some odd nes games 3 master system games .. and around 16 genesis games 23 xbox games 9 n64 games and 2 gameboy games and 5ps1 games... im thinking of purchasing a colecovision sometime in the future but im mostly going to stick with the nes, master system and newer
i think i still have a sega master system with like 20 games, 2 controllers and the light gun. the thing even had Duck Hunt built into it! that was fun. i think my dad sold it when he bought me a n64 but not too sure
how much do guys think a snes will cost like 30 years from now?
will it be really cheap cuz its old or will it be at a really high price because its a classic and it will be really rare to find by then because of the Virtual Console that will probaly be in the next-generations nintendo consoles
I was thinking about selling mine but if I keep it I can sell it in the late future and make a ton of money. But I don't think anyone will want it because of the Virtual Console games.