Anyone going to nintendo fusion


Aug 29, 2006
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Just wondering who all is going to nintendo fusion. they go some wicked bands playing like hawthorne heights, relient k, etc and best of all you can play with the wii! i'm going oct 13 is even if the wii comes out in november i would have already played it :). check it out at
well one is coming to Cleveland which i live 10 minutes away from, but ive relized i would rather save my money for my Wii fund than go to crowded place with a 2% chance of getting to play the wii
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yeah but i'm mainly going for the bands, the wiis just icing on the cake
arent like hawthorne heights one of the bands? im sure their all emo bands mainly,
im into pretty much...everything, im more of a person who just likes the songs, i have a hawthorne heights cd but not that into it i just like a couple songs, i mainly listen to....mainstream, pop, and i love experimental music no matter what type and pop just comes on to me my favorite bands are the postal service and rammstein, (indie/pop and heavy metal/industrial)