Anyone in DC Metro area here planning on getting a wii??


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Nov 16, 2006
If so where are you going and what time. I think I'm going to do a 24 hour walmart around 4pm tomorrow and hang out. What about u guys?
I'm down near Quantico. I'm going to call Wal-Mart in a little and ask how many units there are, and how many people are already in line. Depending on that will be when I try to get into line there. If I'm not able to get one @ Wal-Mart, I'm heading over to a Target and waiting until they open.

I just hope I get one, but I'm pretty unlucky, so I never know.
So the Walmart in Woodbridge is doing the 12:01 release? I called the Walmart in Dumfries and the Walmart in Stafford and both of them are opening at 7:00AM, which was pretty dissappointing.


Yeh I just called the Woodbridge Walmart, and they said they've got 28 Wii's and they're opening for the midnight release. But the lady said there's already a line outside. :yikes:
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