Avoiding Skyward Sword’s Game-Breaking Bug


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Feb 7, 2007
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Glitch time, hope no one ran into this on Zelda Skyward sword.

News started to spread a few days ago that some players were having difficulty with their copy of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Namely, that the game was stuck in some sort of frozen time state, where whatever events needed to occur to start the next section weren’t happening.


It turns out that there’s a huge bug in Skyward Sword, and if you happen to run into it, the only way to rescue your game file is to restore from an earlier save – a thing you can’t do on the Wii unless you’ve backed up to an external memory source. In short, this means that if you run into the bug, which occurs about 30 hours in, the only solution is starting your game from the beginning.

Here’s the bug, with minor spoilers: At some point in the game, you’ll be given the option to visit the Thunder, Fire, or Water Dragon dungeons. If you travel to the Thunder Dragon first and then speak with a certain Goron, your game will be forever frozen at that point – the events for the other two areas will not begin correctly.

You can avoid the glitch by simply completing the Fire and Water Dragon quests before speaking with the Thunder Dragon. Nintendo has confirmed that the bug exists and offered information on how to avoid it, but there’s no real way to patch games on the Wii – the bug here to stay, until new discs are printed.

What, if anything, do you think Nintendo should do about the bug?

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May 13, 2007
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beat you to it bro :lol:

after big N sells it's first zillion discs they will make a fix, and getting the word out solves lots of problems. as I said wii's inabilty to patch games is rearing it ugly head once again.

In marginally related news I just wasted two hours trying to kill the backwards flying dragon in Skyrim and now I have to wait a week for Bestesda to repatch the patch. So I will have time to play Skyward Sword after all. Whoopie!

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