Ban the user above you!

Banned for idiocy. AGAIN!

Wasn't makin' fun of it, I was praising Revolvers. :lol: My favorite weapon in Red Dead Redemption is the LeMat Revolver, despite it's low-tier status (Revolvers are wholly inferior to Pistols and Repeating Rifles at mid-range...).
Banned for thinking that a common pistol could ever be superior to Clint Eastwood's gun! "You feelin' lucky, punk?"
Banned for lack of real gun knowledge. This here site supports the 2nd amendment, son. ... Actually that's probably a load'a **** lol.

LeMat Revolvers in pristine condition are literally unheard of since all three mass-produced models were widely used only in Mexico, though some famous persons in the US have had it as their trusty side-arm. Even working LeMats, terrible condition or not, are bloody rare since any ones that are less than a hundred years old could only of been hand-crafted by a gunsmith/are a 21st century reproduction. They are by no means common these days.

Also, I'm feelin' real lucky. I own like, 6 Lucky Eggs. Across multiple versions, 'course.
Banned for assuming that "Tamps" is low on gun knowledge and isn't a card carrying member of the NRA. Also banned for not knowing I've won multiple shooting tournaments at the collegiate and amateur level in both handguns and rifle-skeet shooting! AND...also banned for not knowing my father owns a gun range. ANNNNND also banned for not knowing I own 2 different .45 caliber handguns in a 16 gun collection! ANNNNNNNNNND banned for not knowing I've cleaned and maintained firearms as a side job for almost 10 years! :ee5k:

Actually, none of the above is true except for the "banned" part...just thought it would be fun to really show you up one day if I could...someday it'll happen!
Banned for thinking that someone with 600 posts is "too new of a member" for anything, given the current wiichat population...
...especially since board games posts don't add to that count!
Banned for thinkin' Board Games is of any true importance.

And then half of Wiichat left to prove a point... ;_;
Banned for not realizing that board games wiichat posts are one of the most sacred and important drivers of our daily lives, and without them we would have to resort to coming up with other, more intelligent things to say in other threads...:tongue2: