Best Non Motion Games??

Backwards Man

WiiChat Member
Dec 9, 2006
I have to lie on the couch for two straight days and not move to recover from surgury, what is a good adventure unlockable type game that I don't have to swing around wildly?

I loved Bully and Endless Ocean..anything like that that you can recomend?
^you have to use motion for that game.

well Mario Kart and Smash Bros have the option of using a classic or gamecube controler. plus there's plenty to unlock. there just not adventure games.

but for adventure games without motion... your best bet is downloading something off the VC or Wiiware
super paper mario uses the wii mote sideways with very little shaking but i didnt really like it. or you could play warioland shake it jk
The best non-motion games with a ton of stuff to unlock are:

Little King's Story - RPG
This game is massive and has no motion at all. Don't be fooled by the cutesy graphics because this is the best RPG on Wii.

Rune Factory Frontier - RPG
A mix of RPG and farming sim (Harvest Moon spin off). A very relaxing game (only 2nd to Endless Ocean) that can make the hours fly by. Can use motions or button presses to play.
A Tales of Symphonia game maybe, or Fire Emblem. Those are long ones. Gamecube games work on the Wii and there's loads of good ones.