Best Selling Game for the Wii?


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Jul 2, 2006
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Wut game do u think will be the best selling game for the Wii so far? Includes any others u know will be coming out, like SSBB, Mario kart, Dk, etc.

Just want to know wut ya'll think:D
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Lord Haku said:
I think that Wii Sports and Warioware
I doubt either of those r going to be the highest selling games. Wii sports is going to be up there cuz so many ppl like it(I don't know y)but it won't beat LoZ or MP. This is just my opinion

I think LoZ or SSBB is going to sell the best honestly, it's talked about so much it's insane. Corruption will be #3 at least. By that I mean it could reach #1 it's just that I doubt it.

*EDIT*I forgot about Animal Crossing as well. ALOT of ppl LOVE that game. That will definitely be in the top 5 I think.

Mario Kart is going to be MEGA HUGE too, in the top 3 for sure.
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Dang, forgot about SMG, that's gonna be in the top 3 to...i've said 4 ppl that r gonna be in the top 3:p
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I know! In all the stores around me(wal-mart, target etc.)they still have it...for $30! That's insane, it came out in 2001!!!!!
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Doesn't that set a record or something????
It has to, a game has been out for 5 years and it is still costs a fairly large amount of money for a game that has been around that long.
BTW: Mario Kart is also still 30 dollars and has been out for 3 years
It really weird too cuz a bunch of new games that are coming out for the gamecube right now are 30 dollars.