Best SSB: Brawl lineup ever?


Apr 30, 2006
How happy would you be if this was the official character list for the new SSB game :p

Yeay yeah i know its a fake, but we can dream cant we?

...maybe swap pac-man for sonic though :sick:
I got a question that's sort of off topic. Does anyone know how to translate words into japanese, because I want to send in my character ideas for brawl on the website, but I need a translater for the name of the characters. Help anyone?
Someone went to alot of effort for this, and for that i thank them. That looks awsome.
Edit: Someone should tell them that Missing no. isn't a pokemon.
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(the f maens flip)
Thats deff a mock up
but i hope tingles in it just so i can beat the S*** outa him
lol, thats the 2nd fake one i'v seen =) looks good, but i liked the first one better. had like sonic, knuckles, shadow, more golden sun ppl =)
So nobody on the translater huh? I guess I'm just going to have to put magikoopa in american and hope they recognize it.
phimuajedi69 said:
i say we could leave pacman and kick tingle off there for sonic.
Sonic would be much better suited then tingle.
The only reason tingle is in there is for a laugh. Try and imagine tingle smashing bowser of the screen.Cause thats what a skilled player could do.
Either way, it's seriously going to be way different because of the third party characters.