SSB Melee--Whose your favorite and best character and why?

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Aug 2, 2006
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Who is you favorite and best character in SSB Melee?

Who here thinks that they r the best player in SSBM and can beat everyone they face? if only that game could go live...

Anyways, brawl is coming out and thats gonna be live :D

Post here on who your best characters r and y nad just how good u think u r

My best and favorite character is Ganondorf, by far...i purely just own with him. i wish i could verse ppl in real life in that game but its just not possible lol. not like im gonna invite someone over who i dont know, and from hundreds of miles away lol.


Come on people i know the game was that really fun game in the past but got old but we can still talk about SSBM

anyone think they can beat me in that game even if they never even saw how i can play? this is how a real game freak thinks...they think that they can beat anyone anywhere without knowing how they play

BTW, im not like that

Does anyone mind me putting this in this section im hoping that nobody would mind...
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