Brawl kicking out melee characters?

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Jul 3, 2006
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I am afraid it is true, some of your favorite charachters from Super Smash Brothers Melee will not be in Brawl. So for all you Gandandorf, Mr game and Watch, Ice Climbers, Young link, Dr Mario, Falco and pichu fans, don't execpt to see these guys in Brawl. Why the sudden change in the formula? Why is nitendo taking out alll these charachters?

Well one of the reasons is they want all the players to act diffrently. For instance pichu, Ganadorf, young link, Falco, Dr Mario have the same attacks as Captain Falcon, Link, Fox, and Mario. So Nitnedo decided that in order to provide a good new SSB game they needed more variety in thier characters.

I am a master at Ganadorf so this news crushed me when i heard it.:( But we have to take the good with the bad after all I think Solid Snake could make up for him. The list of characters is near completion and I can only tell what I have heard. So far the new characters in Super Smash Brothers Brawl, are Zero Suit Samus, Metaknight, Pit, Solid Snake, and Wario.

Dont worry old favorites like Bowser, Linkk, Mario and others will return to brawl. Brawl is shaping up to be more of a success than its predessor Melee. Well that is all i can tell you about it know, I will post new threads when I get some more information Saynora!
Actually most of that stuff is false, like the ice climber and game and watch rumor. I expect some of the clones to go, but not the ice climbers and game and watch.
Nobody said gannondorf was out. I did hear though that not all the melee characters will be returning.
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Sorry dude Gannon is out, there trying to get rid of the charachter clones. But I really they have an execption for him
You have no proof that their out. They say that not all the clones are needed. Their going to end up keeping most of them and switching their move sets. They will probably only get rid off pichu, because he sucks, and roy, because he doesn't fit anywhere. Roy was only in the gamecube one because he had a game coming out. Falco is to cool to move out, and same with gannondorf. He's like one of the only villians, and they say thast they want to counteract the heros with villians. Gannondorf stays. Period.
That's probably nintendos only mistake with melee, putting pichu in the game.
I know really who in there right mind would want to be a charcter that hurts itself when it attacks.
I was surprised that the little bastard didn't throw himself off every time he tried to grab lol
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