black hole (ssbm)

ive tried it before and theres been a thread on this before (sorry to be a party pooper) it took a while for me to do it cause the spinning turnips started flying a couple of times. And its annoying when it goes laggy when your trying it :)
I've never tried it coz i never ever have 4 people at my place playing smash at anytime.

But i've seen the vids and sure it looks... cool! Only thing i cant do is infinite super scope that's required to initiate the black hole process.
I've done it without infinate and infinate super scope and there was only two of us if u want an infinate scope fie five times then charge it twie on the third charge have someone hit uand it does take a while but its worth it at least once
Well i for one thought it was cool and i for one is going to try it out ( note that i only joined like 2 days ago so yeah)

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