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Dec 31, 2006
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Well i hadn't played my 360 in 3 days ,and today i decided i wanted to play Ninja Gaiden 2. I booted up the xbox ,or the lack there of when i got the 3 red rings of death.

I called up Microsoft ,and it turns out my Xbox is out of warranty. They want a 120-100 (depending on how i schedule the order) for the repairs with only a one year warranty when a brand new xbox 360 is 200.

Well then i started reading up on self repairs ,and now i found 2 different ways to do it. One is with the Penny's on under side chips [video=youtube;wsz0lNJ6JrQ][/url] ,and the other is with an X-Clamp fix penny trick. Let me know your thoughts.
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thats a confusing story rose. I originally purchased it somewhere between March-April of 06' ,but November of 06' it RROD'ed. Well i had a service plan with Kmart (where i bought it) well i didn't get my xbox back until Feb 07. Well according to microsoft's records the system went out of warranty as of guess it...Feb 07.

I'm beginning to believe the company Kmart had this thing serviced thru back then sent me a preowned xbox because according to microsoft that console's serial# was registered to another user so the agent registered it to me.

I figured i would be eligible for the 3 years ,but according to them no
That's some BS.
Maybe the warranty only covers one repair for some reason?

Anyways, according to the comments those methods work, but I'd definitely do a bit more research on it if I were you.
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Couldn't be any worse than what i got now. My next thing is if it doesn't get fixed is whether i wanna get another xbox ,or just jump ship to ps3.
I heard that you can get it fixed with a hot towel for 3 hours or something like that =p
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if anything that towel crap is a temp fix if even that. I can see how the others would work ,but im just looking for opinions before i tear into this thing in the next few days.

I just dont understand what happened the system hadn't been touched in 3 days. So how could it over heat. Hell i barely play it as i play my Wii more than anything i just play the xbox here ,and there.
that penny trick looks legit. if your confident you can put it back together id say go for that. looks simple. towel trick is crap.
I do think those vids are legit so if you can get it to work then cool. Sucks that you are denied warranty though. If my warranty runs out and my xbox gets RROD again then I will probably just buy a new arcade version as they are really cheap now (yay). I will also try to fix my broken one and if it works ide sell it :)
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if this fails im just gonna buy the arcade edition as already have all the other stuff doesnt the arcade edition come with a wireless controller? That'd be cool cause i need a new one. My wireless makes all kind of squeeky on the left analog stick ,and it sometimes seems to stick in up even though its in neutral position causing my guy to move forward by himself.
Arcade comes with a wired controller (I think).

Good luck with the repairs.
No it comes with a wireless, my brother bought one. All you're gonna need to do is keep your hard drive so you can put it on the arcade.
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Well its fixxed. I used the penny trick ,and it worked. Most of my time working on the damn thing was spent tearing it open. It's all good now though :)
Nice. Now is overheating thing ALWAYS the cause for the RROD? Will I have to watch out for any other causes? I don't wanna be clueless when this **** happens to me.