Buy a Wii, get a free game?

hmm...Wii sports is a good guess like the article suggest...cuz most people wouldn't drop money on it compared to say...zelda or metroid on the game still gets circulated and people talk about it cuz it's fun and then Nintendo still makes big bucks on major titles. Nice gives me hope for the US market
Yeah its true, the wii sports is comming as a package for the wii, it can be either in the 2 packages ($199 or $299) thats what i heard
wii sports would be good to come with a purchase of wii, great way to be testing out the new motion movements with the controller
Yes, its a great idea to include Wii sports ! But like Invader said, what are the packages?! Even if im pretty sure ill buy the most complete one, Id like to know what it includes :)
we all know that costco and sams club never sell the system seperatly , so think about the packages they are goona have?