buy nintendo wii console?

The Wii console has been in short supply since it came out so some people make money by buying and reselling them at a higher price.

In our area (near Chicago), supply seems to have caught up with demand and you can now find them easily in stores, so you will probably see less of that.

As far as the Wii being special - it just depends what you want. All three consoles have their advantages and disadvantages so you will have check them out along with the games and accessories available to see what's best for you. At the moment the Wii remains the top seller, probably because of the low initial cost, popularity of the Wiimote control and the wide variety of games available.
the wii is a pretty good console. i am on my 3rd one. i will be keeping this one . i also now have a 360 and a ps3. the wii is more for family games or if you have friends over. i have noticed the ps3 is mostly for solo games with a few decent online games.the 360 is the master of online. i love halo