Can't connect online all of a sudden after a full year of it working


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Jan 31, 2008
It has worked outstanding online for over a year. I have the wired connection and I plug it straight into my cable modem and it worked great for over a year. Now it doesn't work and I have tried everything under the sun for two weeks.

I cleared by wii settings, turned the modem off and on in about every order I could think of and still nothing. The blue light on the USB ethernet adaptor flashes like it is going to work but it then gives me error message 52222.

Is my wii broke?

My computer is setup through the same cable modem and it works fine.

Is there anyway my computer screwed up my cable modems configuration? Is that even possible?

I dont use a router and even turned off the windows firewall and virus protection off on the PC (i doubt that matters much since all I have is cable modem but I was desperate).


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Not really I read the one already. I don't have a router and I don't have any firewall turned on. Like I said it worked for over a year with no problems just like it is set up now.
how exactly are you connected to the internet?

cable modem -> Wii
then unplug Wii and plug in pc for surfing? or what?
if this is true the settings on your pc will not matter.

you may need to call your cable company and ask if they have changed things. you may need to purchase a router. they may have changed there service a little. they might be looking for your PC's MAC address. a router can clone that address and use it. this will let any pc or console connect to the internet no problem.

a little more info would help.

the proper way to connect is unplug everything and wait a min. then plug in/turn on in this order:
cable modem (wait a min for it to connect)
then console or pc.
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I use to be able to use the PC and the Wii at that same time, both plugged straight into the cable modem.

I think I will email the internet service provider and see if they changed something recently.

I wouldn't mind getting a wireless router so I can hook up my Ipod touch and the kids's DS so I think that is the way to go probably.