Cant Get Passed User Agreement


WiiChat Member
Nov 22, 2006
I'm trying to set up the Wii Shop, but I can't get passed the following screen:

"You must review the User Agreements before using Wii network services."

There is a NEXT button, but it's like the system is frozen. I move the Wiimote around, but no pointer ever shows up on the screen, and I can never proceed.

Problems like this, and the disgrace called Red Steel, make me want to return this thing. I just want to play a damn game without problems.
When i first got the wii and did this it told me that but i couldn't find where to set it up -_-"

So i went to the settings and clicked wiiconnect24 which let me review and agree to the user agreement as it will ask you for it.
I have a similar problem with my Wii. But when I open the user agreement,it says the wiiconection24 and the wii shop service can't be offered. Please help......I try many variants but no one works.