Capcom on Street Fighter IV Wii "obviously possible" says Capcom


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Feb 7, 2007
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Capcom concedes that Street Fighter IV (PS3, Xbox 360) is in fact possible on the Wii despite certain limitations on the hardware. Community Manager Seth Killian answers the issue straight over at their official blog, saying that "the core elements are obviously possible" on Nintendo's console.

To quote:

While not every aspect of SFIV's presentation would likely be possible on the Wii, the core elements are obviously possible. As for "never happen!" - I'd hope that it Tatsunoko vs Capcom has taught us anything, it's that we should never say never when it comes to Capcom.

Don't take this as confirmation, though, that SFIV will indeed be coming to the Wii, ayt. Although that won't be so bad either.

heres the link
(Some one else posted this, but it was from IGN). I don't care if they're not able to get the graphics, but give me the (crappy) DLC & ALL the MODES + some new ones = I'm fine, oh yeah & don't eff up the controll scheme...use WMP if you wait, you will use it.