COD-WaW Aim failing?


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Jan 26, 2009
Guadalajara, Jalisco, México
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About Call of Duty - World at War for the Wii.

When I'm playing online, I noticed that when I'm shooting to an enemy... He don't suffer any damage.. He needs just one shot and I'm dead.

What's happening? Sometimes I saw that my connections fails constantly and can't blame myself for this.

But others... I approach to an enemy from the back, shoot to him AND CAN'T KILL HIM!!! :mad5:

It' doesn't matter if I shoot to the head or the body.

This and the invitations that interrupts when you are playing (and being killed because you had the window blocking your sight) really piss me off.

Or maybe... I'm getting old for this kind of games I don't know how to move... :frown2:

About the connnections... can't do more about that... but your recommendations are welcome...
OUt of shear curiousity are all the people moving when you try to kill them? I have the same problem in Quantum of Solace and I chalked it up to lag.
same thing hapoens to me when i try to knife someone in the back. i dont have a router (uses friends router) so i also blame it on lagg
It sounds like your connection....I changed from a slower DSL connection to a cable modem. And it made all the world of a difference.
Do you have the same problem in campaign mode?
Yeah, I blame it on lag as well. Some games I can go gangbusters and do quite well, and others I get the same problems you describe.

hi its to do with the diferent broadband speeds people have . mainly lag yes but games differ from taking 2 shots to 20 depending on there downlowd rate